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Volume 35, Number 2 March/April 1984

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March/April 1984
The Bedouin Bee
Written and photographed by Robert P. Whitcombe

Because they flee readily to new nests, Omani colonies of Apis florea , the Little Honeybee, have been called the Bedouins of the bees - though skilled beekeepers have been managing them for centuries.

A College on the Bosporus
Written by Malcolm P. Stevens and Marcia R. Stevens

He built Maine's first steam engine, baked bread for British troops in the Crimea, - washed clothes for Florence Nightingale and founded what is today's University of the Bosporus.

From the Pen of a Master
Written by Paul Lunde

From the pen of a master - Aftab Ahmad of Pakistan, ceramicist, photographer and calligrapher - more magnificent examples of the shahada , the Muslim profession of faith.

The Petroglyphs of Anatolia
Written by Aysen Akpinar
Photographed by Ersin Alok

On the Tirisin Plateau and in the Gevaruk Valley in Turkey amid contorted mountains and sub-polar icefields, primitive man left a glorious record of life there 9,000 years ago.

Tajmil—and Jiddah
Written by Richard Hobson
Photographed by Ali A. Khalifa

In Jiddah these days, tajmil is the way to go. That's Arabic for green landscapes, flowering shrubs, bubbling fountains and - a unique addition - a memorable collection of eye-catching modern sculpture