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Volume 35, Number 5 September/October 1984

In This Issue

September/October 1984
The Arabs and the Olympics: A Summary—Soccer, Saudis and Seoul
Written by Brian Clark and John Goodbody

Soccer, Saudis and Seoul... The Aouita Express...A Gold for Nawal... Combat Medals..."I hope they win everybody."

The Fairchild Flies Again
Written by Mary Norton
Photographed by S. M. Amin

For Aramco's 50th Anniversary, John Goodrich decided to build - and fly - an authentic working model of the famous Fairchild 71.

The Khedive's Cartographers
Written by David Icenogle
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

Stone, Lockett, Chaille-Long and others from the North and South - the men who mapped Central Africa for Egypt.

KKESH: An Eye on Vision
Written by Arthur Clark
Photographed by Mohammed S. Alshabeeb

In Saudi Arabia in February, a team of 43 eye specialists launched a campaign against blindness and impaired vision.

The Lighthouse of al-Ikhwan
Written and photographed by Eric Hanauer

On a tiny coral islet at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, a great gas-lit beacon still flashes its warnings to the ships of the Red Sea.

The Many Hats of William Yale
Written and photographed by Aileen Vincent-Barwood

In Jerusalem, a secret agent fell in love with a girl from Cleveland and bought her a unique and colorful wedding gift.