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Volume 36, Number 1 January/February 1985

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January/February 1985
Cake For the Poor
Written by Arthur Clark
Photographed by Michael J. Isaac

Saudi Arabian dates - which, because of their high nutritional value, have earned the popular Saudi name "cake of the poor" - are being shipped to Africa as part of Arab food-aid to the hungry.

Chaucer of the Turks
Written by Barry Hoberman
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

Mir Ali Shir Nava'i was a politician, a builder, a patron of the arts, and, most importantly, an author, who, like Chaucer in England, transformed a national literature.

A Collector and a Collection
Written by Paul Lunde
Photographed by Julian Nieman

In Stockholm in December, Baron Jacob von Uexkull presented his "Alternative Nobel Prizes" - financed by the sale of stamps from a collection that includes unique Saudi issues.

In the Lions' Den
Written by Arthur Clark
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

In the "Lions' Den" - al-Areen wildlife reserve on the island of Bahrain - there are no lions, and the only predator is man. But in the gentle tradition of ancient Dilmun, all man can shoot is film.

The Treasures of Henri Moser
Written by Rosalind Mazzawi
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

From the cellars of a Swiss museum - a fabulous collection of Turkic artifacts, collected by clock maker Henri Moser in his travels in the 1880's through Central Asia.

Yemen - A Personal Memory
Written and illustrated by Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui

"North Yemen ...is on its way to becoming a modern nation ...but as an artist ... I may be pardoned for liking those aspects that make it unique ... and for wanting to preserve those aspects..."