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Volume 36, Number 2 March/April 1985

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March/April 1985
Arabsat - the Impact
Written by John Christie and Patricia Moody

The Arabsat satellite system could have wide-ranging effects on telecommunications in the Arab world and ultimately expand the reach and influence of Arab television and news agencies.

Arabsat - the Launch
Written by Yasar Durra and John Christie

At 8:22 p.m. on February 8, an Ariane rocket blasted off in a ball of flame from the darkened jungles of French Guiana, carrying the Arab world's first communications satellite - Arabsat-A - into space.

Elizabeth and the Sultan's Fete
Written by Malcolm P. Stevens
Photographed by Marcia R. Stevens

"Soon after sunset, the palaces...began to be illuminated," wrote young Elizabeth Washburn as she started a vivid first-hand account of a historic fete for a sultan.

A Ride to Arabia
Written and photographs courtesy of Pascale Franconie

In 1982, Pascale Franconie and Jean-Claude Cazade mounted two Arab stallions in France and headed for Arabia - on a ride that would last two years, two months and 13 days.