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Volume 36, Number 3 May/June 1985

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May/June 1985
The Color of Coral
Photographed by Scott Moody

In the dim depths of the Red Sea, a diver-photographer inspects the reefs and finds that their incomparable beauty is still untouched by time or growth.

Delenda est Carthago
Written by Paul Lunde
Illustrated by John James

This February, Rome and Carthage made peace, officially ending - after 2,248 years - the Punic Wars, in which Cato's demand "Delenda est Carthago" - Carthage must be destroyed - was fulfilled.

Garlands from the East
Illustrated by Kathleen Crawford

Though the Middle East is thought to be largely desert, spring rains in many regions bring forth an astonishing variety of flowers - a few of which artist Kathleen Crawford has captured in these paintings.

Morocco in Florida
Written and photographed by Larry Luxner

In Florida, last September, Morocco became the first Muslim nation to open a permanent pavilion at the EPCOT Center - an authentic and colorful reflection of its Islamic heritage.

Suez Reopened: A Story Of Stamps
Written by Robert Obojski
Photographs courtesy of BBC Hulton Picture Library

Just 10 years ago, Egypt's president led a flotilla of ships through the Suez Canal to mark its reopening. It was not the first time the canal made history - as philatelists can attest.