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Volume 37, Number 6 November/December 1986

In This Issue

November/December 1986
Images of the Emirates
Written and photographed by William Tracy

Like a double faced reflecting both past and future, this issue photo essay focuses on the United Arab Emirates’ respect for the tradition and its determination to establish a modern state.

Lake Lanhardt
Written by Robert Arndt
Photographed by Larry Litke

Blue-green beacons like Dhahran's tiny artificial lake draw down some of the five trillion migratory birds that cross Saudi Arabia twice a year. And occasionally, local bird watchers find a few surprises.

The Punic Warship
Written by Daniel Morneau
Illustrated by Michael J. Leek

While archeologists have found hundreds of ancient shipwrecks, few proved to be warships - until a dredger stumbled on a whole cluster of wrecks believed to have been sunk in the First Punic War.

Tentmakers of Cairo
Written by John Feeney
Illustrated by Theresa Le Bas

Once a thousand men worked in Cairo’s Street of the Tentmakers, but today their ancient art, which dates back to the pharaohs, is threatened by changing customs and mechanization.

The Wabar Meteorite
Written by Zayn Bilkadi
Illustrations courtesy of Michael Grimsdale

Legend said a block of iron "as big as a camel’s hump" had once fallen from the skies in Arabia. Though Philby failed to find it, Aramco did in a great crator in the Empty Quarter.