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Volume 38, Number 6 November/December 1987

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November/December 1987
The Changing Present
Written by Gerry Loughran and John Lawton

Mud-brick mosques in Niger, Moroccan gateways, the painted dome of al-Aqsa in Jerusalem: All are part of Islamic architectures of the past. Can they also teach us about building for the changing present?

Muslims in the Caribbean
Written and photographed by Larry Luxner

The Caribbean nations are home to nearly 400,000 Muslims. Many of their ancestors were slaves or indentured servants; today they play leading roles in the political, cultural and economic life of their countries.

The Nature of the Nile
Written and photographed by Torben B. Larsen

Since agriculture began, humans have sweepingly reshaped the ecology of the Nile River Valley, and the world's greatest river has shaped human life in turn. The process of interlocking change continues today.

Old Scent, New Bottles
Written by John Lawton
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

The one scent for tribute and solemn ceremony, frankincense was an essential commodity in ancient times. Now perfumes made with the precious resin are in some of the modern world's brightest shop windows.

Stitches through Time
Written by Caroline Stone
Photographed by Longman Group UK

"Mistress, teach her a skill," parents asked, and the mu'allema taught their daughters the art of embroidery. Varying richly from town to town, the ancient craft is still cultivated in many parts of North Africa.