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Volume 39, Number 5 September/October 1988

In This Issue

September/October 1988
Flaubert in Tunisia
Written by Edward Fox
Photographed by Miriam Schottland

Study was not enough: He had to see it. So the celebrated novelist explored the land whose past he was trying to describe. Despite prejudices, his historian's sense and his eye for detail brought clarity and light to Salammbô .

Landscape Art in the DQ
Written by Klaus Klein
Photographed by June Taboroff

Starting with the natural beauty of the Wadi Hanifa and long study of residents' needs, landscape designers in the Diplomatic Quarter crafted gardens, parks and landscapes that ally utility with beauty.

Martyl and the Precinct of Mut
Written by June Taboroff
Photographed by Michael Tropea

With her brushes and her vision, Martyl shows Egypt's antiquities in a new light. Her art - ranging from precise excavation documents to evocative abstractions - also revives and renews the role of the archeological illustrator.

Riyadh’s New DQ
Written by Arthur Clark
Photographed by Abdullah Y. Dobais

Carved out of the desert in a decade, the bright new addition to Saudi Arabia's capital city is the setting for a cluster of architectural gems. It is also home to a growing number of Saudi and foreign residents.

Siwa: Oasis Extraordinary
Written and photographed by Torben B. Larsen

History itself was a surplus crop at the Siwa Oasis, a lovingly tended low spot in Egypt's western desert. Its oracle advised pharaohs and confirmed Alexander's crown; now new roads and new ways are ending its isolation.