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Volume 40, Number 5 September/October 1989

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September/October 1989
The Cuisine of Al-Andalus
Written and photographed by Tor Eigeland
Fertile and wealthy, the Muslim provinces of Spain - al-Andalus - flowered in the ninth and tenth centuries, developing a rich, complex cuisine whose flavors can still be tasted in the cooking of today's Andalusia.
The Geometry of the Spirit
Written by David James
Photographs courtesy of Musée D'Art Et D'Histoire

Of minor importance in the West, calligraphy is the paramount art of the Muslim world. Firm on its seventh-century foundations, it is still vital today, an esthetic discipline that also has deep religious significance.

The Mask of Midas
Written by Donald Scurr
Photographs courtesy of Manchester University Museum

King Midas of Phrygia, the legends tell us, was afflicted with the Golden Touch and with ass's ears. Today, 2,700 years after his death, we can look on his face again, thanks to an extraordinary scientific detection team.

Opa-Locka Rising
Written and photographed by Larry Luxner

In Opa-locka, everything had a dome and a minaret, thanks to aviator Glenn Curtiss and the heat of the 1920s Florida land boom. Today, after decades of decay, Opa-locka has a restored City Hall, and a new sense of hope.

An Oryx Update
Written by Tillman Durdin and John Lawton

Since 1962, when three of the last free-living oryx were captured, conservationists have been working to preserve this elegant desert antelope and then to reintroduce it to its native range. They may now have succeeded.

The Weaver's Song
Written by Lark Ellen Gould
Photographed by Ilene Perlman

Famous for 700 years, traditional handloomed Benaadiri cloth has withstood American cotton and Eastern synthetics, and must now face Somalia's own new textile mills - yet its stubborn, resourceful weavers weave on.