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Volume 42, Number 1 January/February 1991

In This Issue

January/February 1991
AUB: The Family Looks Ahead
Written by Aileen Vincent-Barwood
Illustrated by Norman MacDonald

Motivated by hope and history, the American University of Beirut is planning its own - and Lebanon's - resurgence from the ashes of civil war. Graduates' strong family feelings help make AUB a proud survivor.

A Bridge of Books
Written by Louis Werner
Photographed by Seth Resnick

Translator, poet, critic, editor and scholar, Salma Jayyusi is working to build a bridge of books from the Arab to the English-speaking world. Her Project for Translation from Arabic has led more than 20 books into print.

Fortified Oman
Written and photographed by Lynn Teo Simarski

Watchtowers, forts, castles and strongholds of all kinds dot the craggy landscapes of Oman. Built by rulers - and would-be rulers - of the past, many that played a role in the country's history are being lovingly restored.

A Wedding in Tokat
Written by Marcia R. Stevens and Malcolm P. Stevens

"Oh the mud! The rains! The snow! The wind! Robert College founder Cyrus Hamlin set out with his wife Mary on a horseback honeymoon trip to Samsun, on Turkey's Black Sea coast, in 1859. It turned into a memorable nightmare.

Woven Legacy, Woven Language
Written by Jane Waldron Grutz
Photographed by Jonathan S. Weaver

"So rich, so beautiful, and so complex" were the 18th- and 19th-century costumes worn by Palestinian villagers and Bedouins that they amounted to a symbolic language that reveals much about the wearers and their society.