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Volume 42, Number 2 March/April 1991

In This Issue

March/April 1991
Goliath Against the Oil Spill
Written by Donna Drake
Photographed by Christopher D. Salvo

To help combat the oil spills in the Arabian Gulf Aramco called on a 25-ton Russian giant - the world's largest transport aircraft - to ferry urgently needed equipment and supplies from Houston to Saudi Arabia.

Jai Singh and the Jantar Mantar
Written and photographed by Paul Lunde

Precisely built of beige limestone and pink marble, the structures look like abstract sculpture. Instead, they are the last gasp of the Greco-Arab astronomical tradition that started with Ptolemy in the second century.

More Than Maps
Written and photographed by Dick Doughty

Joe Hobbs fits the 19th-century mold of the geographer as explorer, going into the field to learn and returning to his classroom to teach. "I want to present more than one perspective on the Middle East", he says.

On the Streets of Damascus
Written by Anthony B. Toth
Illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

From modern Malki to Marja Square to the top of Jabal Qasiyun, the life of Damascus, the world's oldest city, unfolds on its streets and byways. From mulberry juice to videotapes, the modern and the medieval mix unabashed.

Visions of Damascus
Written by Lynn Teo Simarski

"To those who contemplate her she displays herself in bridal dress!" Ancient, exquisite and vastly admired, the city of Damascus has inspired legends, visions and literary tributes from visitors through the centuries.