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Volume 42, Number 3 May/June 1991

In This Issue

May/June 1991
In Harm's Way
Written and photographed by Brock Stanaland

Six small islands in the Arabian Gulf are home to an unexpectedly rich assembly of life: nesting terns and endangered sea turtles, predatory crabs and rock-skipping blennies, and everywhere, mice and more mice.

A Passion for Color
Written by Jane Peterson
Photographed by Gayle Garrett

It took passion, yes, but also years of hard work to identify forgotten dyestuffs, and rediscover dyers' recipes lost a century ago. The results, though, include not only very beautiful rugs, but also some changed lives.

Tough Questions
Written by Amanda Spake
Photographed by Tom Wolff

Washington wouldn't be the same without the woman who, through seven administrations, has harangued, cajoled and coaxed presidents into making news. Her family background may fuel Helen Thomas's intensity.

Travels in Tunisia
Written by June Taboroff

"Color possesses me," exulted Paul Klee. "Color and I are one. I am painter." This revelatory moment came as Klee and two artist friends discovered a new world in Tunisia, on a trip that changed their vision.

War Within a War
Written by Tom Pledge
Photographed by Ron Johnson

The phone call came at two a.m.: "There's a lot of oil in the water." It triggered weeks of hard, all-out effort to combat a massive oil spill, to keep plants open and working, and to hold environmental damage to a minimum.