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Volume 42, Number 4 July/August 1991

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July/August 1991
The Carvers of Bukittinggi
Written by Sigrid Laing
Photographed by Joseph Brignolo

Knee-deep in fragrant shavings, the craftsmen of this Minangkabau town carve traditional patterns, derived from nature, that also express adat principles and decorate the walls and gables of their swept-roofed houses.

Diving in the Southern Red Sea
Written and photographed by Erik Bjurström

Among the reefs and wrecks, divers find both a rich pariety of species and dense populations of sea life. For interest, watch a squid change color in a fraction of a second; for thrills, hitch a ride on a manta ray.

Exiles from Andalusia
Written and photographed by Susan T. Rivers

In the 200 years after 1492, the reconquista drove the Arabs from southern Spain. Many found refuge in Tunisia, where they implanted the crops, architecture, dress and customs of Andalusia - and remember their homeland.

Music of the World
Written by Louis Werner
Photographed by Jack Nadelle

Playing, listening and learning all the way from a Nubian village to Tokyo, 'ud virtuoso Hamza El Din embodies the world-music movement. Yet it is the melodies and rhythms of his Nile-side youth that shape his music.

On Culture's Loom
Written by Anne Summerfield and John Summerfield

The textiles of Sumatra's Minangkabau express adat, rules that structure society. Headdresses and roofs emulate horns of the water buffalo, foundation of Minangkabau history.

Sudan: The Land of Pyramids
Written and photographed by Krzysztof Grzymski

The little-known pyramid fields of ancient Kush are one of the most romantic archeological sites in the world. Some tombs were dismantled by treasure-hunters a century ago, but many more remain.