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Volume 44, Number 4 July/August 1993

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July/August 1993
Cultures and Cockroaches
Written by Pat McDonnell Twair
Photographed by Samir Twair

Dazzled by an imaginative mix of costumery, choreography and acting, American audiences at UCLA found they could relate to - and thoroughly enjoy - satirical comedy by one of Egypt's greatest playwrights.

Homes of Old Makkah
Written by Bülent Uluengin and Nihal Uluengin

The traditional houses of the Holy City - an important element of Saudi Arabia's architectural tradition - are distinctive in function as well as design, playing a special role during the pilgrimage season.

A Lifelong Journey
Written by John Lawton

Freya Stark, inveterate traveler and writer of "beautiful, measured prose," ventured alone into territories where few Europeans had gone before. She demystified the Middle East for generations of readers.

The Magic Circles of Djemaa el-Fna
Written by Louis Werner
Photographed by David Melody

From early morning till late at night, crowds throng Marrakech 's most famous square, where snake charmers, storytellers, musicians and other performers transform casual passersby into rings of enchanted spectators.

Master of 20 Seasons
Written and photographed by George Baramki Azar

At 23, he was the youngest dancer ever selected for the Paul Taylor Company. Two decades later, Lebanese-born Elie Chaib is the troupe's oldest performer, but critics still hail his work as "astonishing."

The Road to Leh
Written by Hilary Keatinge
Photographed by Brynn Bruijn

Ladakh: a remote land of incredible beauty, home to a people of great hospitality and piety. The road has brought change, and the people are moving hesitantly, sometimes painfully, into the world's mainstream.

Suakin: Time and Tide
Written by Robert Berg
Illustrated by Lorraine Berg

One of the finest anchorages on the African Red Sea coast, this Sudanese island town no longer hosts merchants, soldiers and sailors from distant lands. Yet its centuries of greatness remain a richly-textured memory.