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Volume 44, Number 6 November/December 1993

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November/December 1993
A Hidden Treasure
Written by Jocelyn M. Ajami
Photographed by Dick Doughty

Unique old manuscripts and rare printed books smell of history in the Khalidi Library. Acrid fresh plaster and new-sawn wood smell of restoration and renewal. Behind these smells is the quiet but unhushed voice of a people with a past and future.

Lifting Off From Wadi Rum
Written by Kirk T. Albrecht
Photographed by Bill Lyons

Prizes, publicity, excitement and sheer fun lifted scores of hot-air balloons, and the spirits of their crews, over the colorful crags of Jordan's Wadi Rum. During the three-day international meet, both the thermals and the competition heated up.

Lightning in a Bottle
Written by Pat McDonnell Twair
Photographed by Samir Twair

The flash and crackle of human interaction is what television director Asaad Kelada strives to capture on videotape each week. His ability to do that has brought him hits like "Who's the Boss"—successes earned by years of thoughtful honing of his craft.

Stones That Did the Work of Men
Written and photographed by William Tracy

Outmanned and on the defensive, the crusaders built some of the strongest fortresses of their era, well sited and planned. Though they fell in the end, it was more often by ruse than by assault.

A Turk at Versailles
Written by Paul Lunde

With a drumroll and a flash of ermine, East met West in 1721, when the Ottoman Empire's first ambassador arrived at the court of Louis XV. Frenchmen and Turks found they had much in common, including surprise at each other's habits.

With Trowel and Pen
Written by Jay Pridmore
Photographs courtesy of The Oriental Institute Museum

America's first Egyptologist was not only a scholar and a successful popularizer and fund-raiser, but also organizer of scientific expeditions all across the ancient Near East. The institutions and publications he founded are still important in the field.