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Volume 45, Number 1 January/February 1994

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January/February 1994
Asilah: Common Ground
Written and photographed by Dannielle B. Hayes

Fulfilling a small boy’s dream, this fortified fishing town on Morocco’s Atlantic coast plays host each year to an international celebration of the arts, where Moroccan and foreign artists create, instruct and interact.

The Giralda
Written by Paul Lunde

Perhaps Seville's best-known symbol, the bell tower of Europe's third-largest cathederal was once the minaret of a huge mosque. Its complexity reflects the city's mix of classical, Muslim and Christian cultures.

Jerusalem On-Screen
Written and photographed by Susan T. Rivers

It is now possible to “walk” the streets of medieval Muslim Jerusalem, thanks to two young architects who pushed the limits of computer technology to create three-dimensional reconstructions of the Holy City.

Lebanon: Up From the Ashes
Written by Ian Meadows
Photographed by George Baramki Azar

"Lebanon is back in business," affirms its prime minister. But an enormous task looms, as the war-weary Lebanese begin to clear away the rubble, rebuild their country’s infrastructure and reform its institutions.

Reflections in Women's Eyes
Written by Anne Mullin Burnham

Women artists from across the Arab world show their work in "Forces of Change", a stereotype-breaking exhibition in Washington, D.C., interpreting their worlds, their cultures, their experiences and their concerns.

Transports of Delight: Ricksha Art Of Bangladesh
Written by Joanna Kirkpatrick and Kevin Bubriski

From bells to bumpers, Dhaka’s teeming rickshas are covered with brilliantly painted decorations. Scenes of animals, peaceful villages, futuristic cities and beautiful mosques make an ever-recycling gallery.