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Volume 45, Number 6 November/December 1994

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November/December 1994
Cultural Modulations
Written by Brian Clark
Photographed by Marcos Villaseñor

Flamenco, jazz, Arab and classical-music traditions fuse and flower under the fingers of an American-Moroccan couple who met in Spain and began tracing a new path for Arab music. The result is timeless, and stimulating.

Elusive Encounters
Written by Khushal Habibi
Photographed by Bruno Pambour

Isolated since the Ice Age on a Red Sea archipelago, Farasan gazelles have adapted to the islands' harsh environment and sparse vegetation. Now protected from hunters, this unique subspecies must still cope with competition from livestock.

Exploring Flamenco's Arab Roots
Written by Greg Noakes

Flamenco musicians from Spain and traditional ensembles from Morocco are exploring the history that connects their traditions, and thereby building a musical bridge across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Khalili Collection of Islamic Art
Written by Tahir Shah
Photographed by Christopher Phillips

One of the world's finest collections of Islamic art, the magnificent fruit of a connoisseur's love, knowledge, patience and money, is being meticulously conserved and catalogued in London.

Mapping the Middle East in America: From Lebanan, New Hampshire to Bagdad, California...
Written by William Tracy
Illustrated by Spence Guerin

The map of America is dotted with Lebanons, Alexandrias and other familiar Middle Eastern names. They are evidence of the faith, hope and aspirations of the country's early settlers.

Samphire: From Sea to Shining Seed
Written by Arthur Clark
Photographed by Adrian Waine

Salicornia bigelovii might just change the world. The twiggy plant produces more oil than soybeans, high-protein animal feed, and even a tasty vegetable. Best of all, it drinks seawater.