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Volume 46, Number 6 November/December 1995

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November/December 1995
The Children's Kingdom
Written by Ni'Mah Isma'il Nawwab

Vivid scenes of traditional yet modern Saudi Arabia, seen through the eyes of children from four to 14, are among the fresh and original works in a collection of art winnowed from a nationwide contest held annually for the past 16 years.

The Islamic Legacy of Timbuktu
Written by Tahir Shah
Photographed by Stephenie Hollyman

In the city that, to the West, embodies the very idea of remoteness, scholarship flourished alongside trade for centuries in the Middle Ages, and students and teachers came from the Islamic world and beyond to learn and pray in Timbuktu.

Sheltering Skies
Written by Dick Doughty and Kevin Amorim

Thanks to a nine-year-old's burning question, some American families are opening their hearts and homes to Bosnian Muslim students, in the United States to finish their educations in peace. They will be the builders of their country's future.

The South American Leaf
Written and photographed by Larry Luxner

Pale green, astringent and refreshing, hot yerba maté was drunk by South America's Guaraní people and later became the national drink of Argentina. So why are several Middle Eastern countries major importers of this leafy brew?

Treasures From the Neva
Written by Richard Covington
Photographs courtesy of ARCH

From a hidden archive in St. Petersburg, a unique and historic manuscript collection—illustrated poems, tales, treatises and copies of the Qur'an—illuminates the spirit of the Islamic millennium that planted the seeds of the Renaissance.

'We Dared to Venture'
Written by Ghassan Ghosn
Illustrated by Norman MacDonald

Education for women in Beirut goes back 160 years, beginning in a small elementary school that grew through turbulent years and under three ruling powers into what is today one of Lebanon's top universities for both women and men.