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Volume 47, Number 3 May/June 1996

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May/June 1996
Arabs, Almonds, Sugar and Toledo
Written and photographed by Tor Eigeland

What Gascony is to foie gras, the southern Spanish city and province of Toledo are to mouth-watering marzipan. The confection came to Spain with the Arabs, but it is in Toledo that "the elite sweet" has been refined to perfection

A Heritage Without Boundaries
Written by Kay Hardy Campbell
Photographed by David H. Wells

As composer and performer, fast-rising star Simon Shaheen works to preserve Arab music's past and shape its future, applying a virtuoso talent that Billboard has called "brilliant." In his spare time, last fall, he organized a landmark Arab-American festival.

Manas At 1000: The Rebirth of Kyrgyzstan
Written by Ewa Wasilewska
Photographed by Hermine Dreyfuss

The hero of the world's longest epic poem, Manas unified the Kyrgyz tribes a thousand years ago and inspired generations of storytellers. Now the man and the poem have inspired a festival to mark the Kyrgyz Republic's passage to independence.

Radio for Ramadan
Written by Cathy Aitchison
Photographed by Melanie Friend

Muslims in two Yorkshire cities take to the airwaves during the holy month of Ramadan, binding together their minority communities with readings from the Qur'an, religious discussions, quizzes and call-ins.

Rooms of Their Own
Written by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
Photographed by Thomas Hartwell

The first Arab Women's Book Fair, held in November in Cairo, made it clear that fiction and non-fiction by Arab women are reshaping the literary marketplace of both the Arab world and, in translation, the West.

Zeman's Gilgamesh
Written by Jane Waldron Grutz
Photographed by Ludmila Zeman

Czech-born illustrator and filmmaker Ludmila Zeman has revived the world's oldest adventure for a new generation, producing an award-winning trilogy of children's books that combine accuracy and charm.