Elmaz Abinader

Elmaz Abinader
Oakland, California

Recent works: 32 Mohameds, 2002; In the Country of My Dreams, 1999; Ramadan Moon, 1999; Children of the Roojme, 1997; Country of Origin, 1997

Favorite Writers: All of literature is a never-ending discourse, a dialogue that can be comforting and challenging. I am comforted by other writers in the thick of the larger questions illuminated by their portraits, words and narratives. I try to enter the stories and the poems, seeing their countries, their issues and their imaginations. I read things foreign to me to find our similarities.

Quote: I am not interested in the rhetoric of politics or history, only the stories of people inside the larger context. Moments inspire me—usually a moment of complication or recognition—the very deepest human moment changed by significant events. Spoken word is my most Arab self.

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