Nathalie Handal

Nathalie Handal
New York

Recent works: The Lives of Rain, 2005; The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology, 2001; The NeverField, 1999; Traveling Rooms, 1999

Favorite Writers: Pablo Neruda, Samuel Beckett, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, and others too many to list.

Quote: Our works contribute to the diversity and richness of American literature, and, as a Palestinian, my work is also part of Palestinian literature, but mostly we are part of a universal literature. I have always been in love with words and never cease to be captivated by them. Through literature, you enter worlds, and that incredible moment when a novel, play or poem has just given you something, made you aware of others, of yourself, in a way so unknown to you, so magical and mysterious, that you can only honor that instant and realize that you have gone beyond the self, beyond the sacred drum.

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