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May/June 2014
Published Bimonthly Vol. 65, No. 3
Saudi Aramco, the oil company born as an international
enterprise more than eighty years ago, distributes Saudi
Aramco World to increase cross-cultural understanding.
The magazine’s goal is to broaden knowledge of the
cultures, history and geography of the Arab and
Muslim worlds and their connections with the West.
Saudi Aramco World is distributed without charge, upon
request, to a limited number of interested readers.
Back Cover
Relics of what were
once tributaries to a vast,
prehistoric inland sea, the
18 Lakes of Ounianga
count among them the
only permanent freshwater
desert lakes in the world.
Photo by George Steinmetz.
“It’s the beginning. We’re seeing
the ecosystem happening,”
says Samih Toukan, founder of, the first major
Arabic-language Internet provider.
“We’re seeing more and more
examples of innovation not only
for the region but that can be
global.” Photo by David Degner.
HayyWas Here,
Robinson Crusoe
Written by Tom Verde
Marooned, but later enlightened by the experience:
The first fictional character of this genre appeared in
the 12th century, named Hayy Ibn Yaqzan by his Arabic-
speaking author in southern Spain. Later translators
helped make his tale a 600-year best-seller that influenced
the emergence of European rationalism and empiricism.
Among its admirers was likely Daniel Defoe, whose
1719 classic Robinson Crusoe follows much of
Hayy’s philosophical trail.
Poland’s New Tatar Trail
Written by Katarzyna Jarecka-St
, photographed by Aga Luczakowska
One woman’s discovery of her Tatar Muslim heritage has helped rekindle interest in a
cultural history that links northeastern Europe with Central Asia—beginning in a quiet
village of 160 souls along Poland’s border with Belarus.
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