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Travelers of Al-Andalus, Part



Al-Ghazal: FromConstantinople

to the Land of the Vikings

Written by Jesús Cano and Louis Werner

Art by Belén Esturla

Good looks and a fleet wit gave Al-Ghazal his name, which

means “gazelle,” and in later years the poet and courtier of

Córdoba proved a reluctant though dutiful envoy both east and,

more notably, north.

44 Classroom Guide

Written by Julie Weiss

46 Events & Exhibitions


The Fabled Flatbreads

of Uzbekistan

Written and photographed by Eric Hansen

Stamped with patterns that beautify, identify and aid baking in a

clay oven, the flatbreads—


—from the heart of Central Asia

make art of one of the world’s most ancient staples.

Via Egnatia to Rome

and Byzantium

Written by Louis Werner

Photography and video by Matthieu Paley

Paved with stones that, according to one Roman writer,

“give the appearance not simply of being laid together

... but they seem to have actually grown together,” the

Via Egnatia joined East and West under empires both

Roman and Ottoman. Much of its 1,100-kilometer

length can still be walked and driven, from original-stone

footpaths in Albania to a superhighway in Greece.