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Now Playing: Jordan

Credit: Nadine Toukan

Written by Matthew Teller

Photographs by George Azar

A decade ago, Nadine Toukan led Jordan’s Royal Film Commission and

founded a workshop that launched a generation of Arab and especially

Jordanian filmmakers. Often credited on screen as a producer, she likes

to think of herself as “a connector.”

A Legation

Turns to Education

Written by Alia Yunis

Photographs and video by Tor Eigeland

Strategic and even glamorous at times over

196 years, the American Legation in Tangier,

Morocco, is today a neighborhood cultural

center where young and old improve

reading and writing and learn new skills.


King of the

River of Giants

Written by Brian E. Clark

Photographs courtesy Nizar Ibrahim

Video by Dan Smith

What do you do after you discover a dinosaur

that swam, clawed and chomped its way

to the top of the Cretaceous food chain?

Paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim wants to

display it where he found it—in Morocco.


Travelers of Al-Andalus, Part


: Ibn

Hazm’s Journeys of Exile and Love

Written by Louis Werner | Art by Belén Esturla


Suggestions for Reading


Events & Exhibitions

Classroom Guide



Survivor of 11th-century politics that drove him from three homes,

Ibn Hazm wrote prolifically on many analytical subjects, but he is

remembered most of all for his bittersweet classic,

Tawq al-Hamama



The Ring of the Dove.