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Volume 16, Number 4 July/August 1965

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July/August 1965
Arabists in The U.S.A.
Written by John R. Starkey

Born in crisis, taught by experience, nourished by need .... U.S. Middle East experts rank with the world's best.

The Big Shop
Written by William Tracy

Big enough to take a locomotive; good enough to fix one... that's what they say about the Consolidated Shops.

An Enemy Below
Written by Daniel Da Cruz

Silently, invisibly it gnawed away at the great pipeline ... in the dampness of the earth, in the depths of the sea.

Have Rug—Will Sell
Written by Kurt Erdmann

Poets possibly, pirates perhaps, experts certainly ... the carpet merchants in the old bazaars in Istanbul.

Kris and Crescent
Written by Peter G. Gowing

In their hands the kris, in their hearts the crescent... they're "Moros," the Muslims of the Philippine Republic.