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Volume 18, Number 2 March/April 1967

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March/April 1967
The Crookedest River What is
Written by John Brinton

It reads like a novel; it sounds like a film script ... As an American naval lieutenant explores the Jordan.

Desert Road
Written by Jan Van Os
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

It's not the Alcan Highway; it's not the New York Thruway ... But in Saudi Arabia the impact may be the same.

March to Wadi Aish
Written by T. E. Lawrence
Photographed by Morag Aboul-Hosn

In the heat of the day they rode, and in the cool of night... And across the fiery sands and through the driving rain.

Memories of Old Jiddah
Written by Daniel Van Der Meulen
Illustrated by Don Thompson

Of siege and victory, and a horse running toward the sea... The memories of a man who was there to see it all begin.

New Trap for Shedgum

Off the barge at Ras Tanura came the truck and the traps ... And headed north to Shedgum and the waiting GOSP.

Phoenix of the Plain
Written by Daniel Da Cruz

In massive ruins at the end of a green and fertile plain ... Mighty Baalbek, cornerstone of the Roman Empire.