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Volume 20, Number 3May/June 1969

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Mrs. Mooslie's Middle East

Photographed by Kathe Tanous

Mrs. Mooslie (her name is really Kathe Tanous, but she happened to marry Mr. Mooslie) is an Arab by blood and marriage, but until recently she had never been to the Middle East. And when she did come it wasn't for very long. Less than a year, altogether, with only two weeks or so in Beirut. As her sketches on this and the next few pages may hint, however, it was long enough. In a few pointed sketches, no more than a few hundred brisk lines, really, she limned with a delightfully accurate eye dozens of those scenes that give life in the Middle East its amusing, different and very human flavor.  —The Editors

This article appeared on pages 16-21 of the May/June 1969 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.


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