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Volume 21, Number 1January/February 1970

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Written by Khalil Abou El Nasr

It took years before Aramco's desert transportation specialists were fully satisfied they had found the heavy-duty vehicles they needed to support the company's exploration and production teams: some of the biggest, toughest trucks and tractors in use anywhere (Aramco World , May-June, 1969). But when a group of Trans-Arabian Pipe Line employes at Turaif, Saudi Arabia decided to build a fly-weight model for weekend explorations outside their remote pump station, the "Desert Fun Car" was just a hop, bump and spin of the tires away.

The specs: one 1963 VW 1200; body, doors and rear bumper removed; fenders, windshield, front bumper trimmed; roll bar, protruding head lights and safety belts added; wheels turned inside-out for six inches extra width; larger and wider tires for increased flotation and three inches extra ground clearance.

This article appeared on pages 22-23 of the January/February 1970 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.


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