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Volume 28, Number 3 May/June 1977

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May/June 1977
A Dutch Treat
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

In the 17th century, the Dutch paid fortunes for a single bulb. Today they grow them by the millions.

King Tut Tours America
Written by Joanna Shaw-Eagle
Photographed by Katrina Thomas

Some four million U.S. museum goers will see the travelling treasures from the Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb over the next two years.

Murder of the Orient Express
Written by John Lawton
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

Jet planes did the old train in...but a nostalgic successor is alive and well.

Treasures of Tutankhamen
Photographed by Katrina Thomas and Harry Burton

Objects of wood, ivory and gold, priceless beyond measure: the 3,300 year-old legacy of a timeless land.

Turbans and Tulips
Written by Jon Mandaville
Illustrated by Don Thompson

In the 16th century, Turks filled their gardens with rows of tulips and used them as patterns for tiles and textiles.