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Volume 45, Number 3 May/June 1994

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May/June 1994
A Banquet for the Teacher
Written by Aileen Vincent-Barwood
Photographed by Janice Rubin

With a passion for accuracy, a flair for drama and a talent for hard work, educator Audrey Shabbas and the staff of AWAIR are changing how American teachers teach about the Middle East—and creating new tools to help them.

Cross-Cultural Trader
Written and photographed by George Baramki Azar

Crops, climate, cuisine and culture are closely linked, and ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan's Lebanese-Irish background, and the foods he ate growing up, help him understand how plants can simultaneously be "calories, cures and characters in tribal legend."

A History in Silver and Gold
Written by Frank L. Holt
Photographed by Luke Powell

Alexander couldn't quite conquer Central Asia, so he colonized it. The result was a Bactrian kingdom that bridged the cultures of India, Iran, Greece and China—and whose history we know largely through the handsome coins its rulers minted.

Islam in Bulgaria
Written and photographed by Stephen Lewis

Five centuries of Ottoman rule brought Bulgaria Islam itself and a tradition of tolerance. The last years of the communist regime brought repression and expulsion. In newly democratic Bulgaria, the future may yet follow the older tradition.

Visions of the Middle East
Written by Sarah Searight
Illustrations courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum

Rodney Searight's collection of Middle Eastern drawings and watercolors developed during the 1960's and 70's into a unique record of the cultural interaction of East and West, and his own expertise and connoisseurship grew with it.