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Volume 45, Number 5 September/October 1994

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September/October 1994
Butterflies of Egypt
Written and photographed by Torben B. Larsen

Mimics, migrants, fast-breeding opportunists and a few genuine, highly specialized desert dwellers—these are the butterflies of Egypt, only 58 species strong. How do they survive?

Chicago House: Rescuing History
Written and photographed by Arthur Clark

Almost 70 years of scholarship have made the Epigraphic Survey of the Oriental Institute the world center for study of the monuments of Luxor.

A Cupful of Pride
Written by Brian Clark
Photographed by Mehmet Biber

In a tournament full of surprises, Saudi Arabia's first World Cup soccer team was a revelation to everyone but the happy Saudi fans. They knew all along their team would make them proud.

Gaza: Contested Crossroads
Written and photographed by Dick Doughty

At the edge of empires, the city of Gaza has provisioned pilgrims and enriched three millennia of merchants, while enduring the swords and sieges of more than 40 passing conquerors.

In Search of the Past: The Hittites of Anatolia
Written and photographed by Ewa Wasilewska

Until this century, scholars knew little of the Hittites, though their thousand-year rule changed the political and cultural map of the Middle East.

Lending an Ear
Written and photographed by Najib Joe Hakim

Chris Mansour spends his 12-hour days phoning, meeting, hurrying through the halls of Congress. To his influential job, he brings his special experiences as an Arab-American.

Watches for the Middle East
Written by Rosalind Mazzawi
Photographs courtesy of Antiquorum Auctioneers

For the prince or paşa who owned one, magnificent luxury timepieces from Europe had the charm of the exotic, the fascination of an intricate mechanism, and the elegance of jewelry.