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Volume 59, Number 3May/June 2008

In This Issue

On February 15, www.saudiaramcoworld.com announced:

“Real Arabia” Youth Digital Media Contest
Get Published—Win an iPod nano™ or iPod touch™—Ends March 31!


Either nationals of Saudi Arabia, living anywhere in the world, 24 years old or younger, or expatriates of any nationality now living in (or in the past having lived in) Saudi Arabia, 24 years old or younger.


It’s you. Your life. You know how people around the world often wonder what Saudi Arabia is really like? Is it just a place they see on TV? Is it just made up in Hollywood? Do you ever feel like you wish the world knew what you knew? What if people could catch a glimpse of something you know is true about who you are and where you live? Would it help people understand better where you come from?

Saudi Aramco World helps its readers get to know people and places, so all you have to do is—be yourself. Honesty, sincerity and creativity are more important than fancy techniques.

Riley Cole, 9
Riley Cole, 9
Hannan Al-Ghamdi, 10
Hannan Al-Ghamdi, 10
Yasmine Minkara, 9
Yasmine Minkara, 9
Renad Sarhan, 12
Renad Sarhan, 12
Austin Fischer, 13
Austin Fischer, 13

Winners’ List
Congratulations to each entrant below for a glimpse of life through your eyes—and through your hearts.

12 and Under

* Riley Cole     Dhahran,Saudi Arabia
* Hannan Al-Ghamdi     Reading, UK
* Yasmine Minkara     Dhahran
* Renad Sarhan     Reading
  Jumana Al-Mulla     Seoul, South Korea
  Lucas Fei     Dhahran
  Haseenah Molumo     Dhahran
  Deji Ogunsola     Dhahran
  Amjad Sarhan     Reading
  Rand Sarhan     Reading
  Ali Sheikh     Dhahran
  Bilal Siraj     Jubail, Saudi Arabia

13 to 17

* Austin Fischer     Dhahran
* Evan Fischer     Dhahran
* Gilbert Rataezyk     Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
  Salvador Ordonica     Ladera Ranch, California
  Hong Jie Yin     Jubail, Saudi Arabia


18 to 24

* Raphael Gomez
    Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  Yousef Saleh Ba-Isa     Al-Khobar



Evan Fischer, 17 Gilbert Rataezyk, 16 Raphael Gomez, 23
Evan Fischer, 17   Gilbert Rataezyk, 16   Raphael Gomez, 23

This article appeared on pages 38-39 of the May/June 2008 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.

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