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Volume 14, Number 4April 1963

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A Day In The Life Of A Saudi Arab Doctor

It's a long day but one filled with the satisfaction of making people well for Dr. Fayik Abdi of the Dhahran Health Center.

Dr. Fayik Abdi is one of seven surgeons on the staff of Aramco's $7.5 million Dhahran Health Center. The Surgical Unit in the 230-bed main company health center completes an average of about 3,400 operations a year. Since one member of the surgical staff is usually on vacation on a rotational basis, it works out that each of the other six performs nearly 50 operations every month. They also meet a full schedule of clinic appointments, see their postoperative patients in the wards at least once a day, and are on 24-hour call for emergencies about twice a week. Whatever time remains is for families and the hobbies that the doctors require for relaxation from their tension-filled working hours. Middle East and European-trained Doctor Abdi, however, shares with the medical profession everywhere a dedication to his calling that helps see him through his often arduous daily rounds.

This article appeared on pages 3-7 of the April 1963 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.


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