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Volume 39, Number 2 March/April 1988

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March/April 1988
Amina and Muhammad
Written by Diane Turnage Burgoyne
Illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

An urban family in present-day Saudi Arabia prepares a festive meal to welcome a special visitor. Amina and Muhammad, seven and five years old, demonstrate manners and food ways in this story for children.

Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue
Written by Jane Peterson
Photographed by Katrina Thomas

How many generations - or how many days - ago did you arrive from the Middle East? It doesn't matter: In these few blocks, the foods and flavours of the old countries are lovingly preserved.

The Flavors of Arabia
Written by Alice Arndt
Photographed by Christopher D. Salvo

Parrot-green cardamom, dried limes as light as Ping-Pong balls, lemony sumac and pine-scented mastic are among the unexpected flavors Arabian cooks can call on to build the complex, subtle taste of Peninsular cuisine.

Mesopotamian Menus
Written by John Lawton
Photographs courtesy of The British Museum

Three clay tablets from 1700 BC ,found half a century ago, now turnout to be a unique collection of Mesopotamian recipes. The sophisticated dishes they describe push the dawn of culinary history back 2,000 years.

Middle Eastern Cooking: The Legacy
Written by Claudia Roden
Photographed by Lucie Miller

History stirs the pot in the Middle East. The region’s past glories, defeats and triumphs, its isolated provinces and broad empires, are all reflected in a unified cuisine that provides a rich and nourishing culinary legacy.

Recipes: For Starters
Photographed by Bob Wilkins
Recipes: Main Courses
Photographed by Bob Wilkins
Recipes: Three Turkish Delights
Written by Ergun Çagatay