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Volume 55, Number 5September/October 2004

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Promises and Possibilities -- Images of Islam in America


Alexandra Avakian Alexandra Avakian is a free-lance photographer represented by Contact Press Images. Over two decades her clients have included National Geographic, Time, The New York Times Magazine and more than a dozen others.
Tayyibah Taylor Tayyibah Taylor is founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Azizah magazine (www.azizahmagazine.com).
Nathalie Handal Nathalie Handal (www.nathaliehandal.com) is a poet, playwright and writer currently teaching at Columbia University. She is the editor of the award-winning anthology The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology (Interlink).
Authors excerpted:

Nuar Alsadir is an Arab-American poet whose work has appeared in numerous literary journals.

Dima Hilal was born in Beirut and raised in California. Her work has appeared in various journals and anthologies.

Diana Abu-Jaber is author of two novels, Arabian Jazz and Crescent. She teaches at the University of Miami.

Naomi Shihab Nye has published many books of poetry and prose for readers of all ages, and has edited numerous anthologies.

Sarah Husain is a Pakistani-American poet and activist living in New York.

Iron Sheik is an Arab-American hip-hop artist living in Michigan.

Deema Shehabi is a writer, editor and poet who lives in northern California.

Yussef El Guindi is a Seattle-based playwright, originally from Egypt, whose work has been produced around the US and in the Arab world.

Reem Hussein is an Egyptian-American visual artist who has exhibited throughout the US.

Tammam Adi is director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Eugene, Oregon.

Zohra Saed is an Afghan-American poet whose work has appeared in anthologies and literary journals worldwide.

This article appeared on pages 16-31 of the September/October 2004 print edition of Saudi Aramco World.

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