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Volume 16, Number 2 March/April 1965

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March/April 1965
Another Easter
Written by William Tracy

In warm sunshine, and cool breezes off the hills the-sights and sounds of Christendom's greatest feast.

Carpets East Carpets West
Written by Kurt Erdmann

In the West, said one writer, people walk on carpets in the East, he continued, people live on them.

Manners in the Middle East
Written by Leila Shaheen

Out of hardship, loneliness and the need to survive… a code of conduct—intricate, strict and generous.

Pottery Points the Way
Written by John Carswell

From country to country, from region to region ... ceramic signposts along the routes of culture.

Rig Ahoy!
Written by W. Vernon Tietjen

Long hours and hard work; good eatin' and lots to do...that's life aboard Aramco's Mobile Drilling Platform.

The Treasures of Shrewsbury Road
Written by Peggy McCarthy

Amid the special green of Ireland, in a quiet Dublin suburb… one of the world's great repositories of ancient Arab art.